Utility Bill Announcements


The City of Garland is working with customers during these difficult times.  We strongly encourage customers to contact Utility Customer Service at 972-205-2671 or CustServ@GarlandTX.gov to discuss their situation and how we may be able to assist.  Please include your service address and account number in any correspondence. More information is available on the Utility Customer Service page. 

WINTER STORM WATER USAGE - Many customers will likely see an increase in their water consumption due to dripping faucets or leaks due to broken pipes.  Customers dealing with a broken pipe can contact customer service and request a one-time leak credit.  We’ll need to confirm the leak has been repaired and also require a receipt related to repairs at the address. Contact Utility Customer Service at 972-205-2671 or CustServ@GarlandTX.gov. More details>

The City of Garland includes important announcements about events and programs in each month’s utility bills. These utility bill inserts are available  below.