Swimming Pool Information


On January 1, 2021, the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) adopted the repeal of sections of Chapter 265, Subchapter L, Public Swimming Pools and Spas, and adopted new sections of the same chapter.  These changes will be enforced in the 2022 pool season.  The new rules may be found at here (PDF).   Please read over these rules to minimize delays of permit issuance.  


The goal of the City of Garland public swimming pool inspection program is to ensure that all public and semi-public swimming pools maintain sanitary chemical balance and adhere to the pool safety ordinance to minimize the likelihood of waterborne disease outbreaks and submersion injuries.


Each public and semi-public swimming pool and spa must obtain a valid permit to operate in the City of Garland. The permit fee for each swimming pool or spa is $200. If the swimming pool or spa is operated by a governmental agency, independent school district, non-profit agency, church, or homeowner association (HOA), the permit fee is waived.

No swimming pool or spa can open until a complete inspection has been conducted, the pool or spa is 100% in compliance, and the health permit has been issued by the Environmental Health Specialist (EHS). To contact an EHS concerning your swimming pool, please contact the Health Department at 972-205-3460.


When Garland formally adopts Chapter 265 by reference, amendments to the state rules will be made.  One of those amendments will be requiring an on-site employee (called an MPO) to have basic pool safety training similar to what has been provided in the past at Garland Pool School. 

All pools/spas must be maintained under the supervision and direction of a properly trained and certified operator that has completed one of the following courses:  

This person may be over multiple pools and does not need to be on-site, but must be available to on-site staff.  The CPO courses are often two-day, extensive courses that are valid for five years.  Again, each pool/spa facility will need to have access to a CPO, but if that person is not on-site, an on-site person must have attended at least an approved basic pool training course.



Each pool inspection performed will result in a recheck inspection, if any violations of this article remain uncorrected at the conclusion of the initial evaluation. The first follow-up inspection will be performed at no cost to the swimming pool operator. Any subsequent follow-up inspections will result in the assessment of a $25 fee. 

The follow-up inspection fee must be paid prior to recheck inspection being conducted. When an initial evaluation reveals that no violations of this article exist, the person who operates the swimming pool or spa shall be credited $25 toward the next annual permit fee.