New Utility Billing Scam Identified in Garland

Please be aware that Garland utility customers are being targeted by a new, sophisticated utility billing scam.

Here are some initial details of the scam.

The scammer:

  • Spoofs the City’s Customer Service phone number, 972-205-2671, by making it show up on the customer’s Caller ID
  • Identifies themselves as being with the City of Garland
  • Asks for/demands immediate payment on a past due utility account balance
  • Threatens disconnection of utility service if payment is not made immediately or by a certain time
  • May create a simulated customer service experience where they “check records” and transfer to another person
  • Currently uses 800-461-2250 as a callback number and may provide a person’s name and extension number
  • If the customer calls the scammer's 800 number, a voice message says it is "City of Garland Utility" and asks for an extension that may have been provided earlier. The message also offers to let you speak to a representative for reconnection of service.

The City of Garland Customer Service office does not have an 800 number. The only number that you should call regarding your City of Garland Utility Bill is 972-205-2671. You may also email with any billing inquiries.

If you are suspicious of any call you receive, especially outside of normal business hours or on the weekend, please consider hanging up the phone immediately. Contact the Customer Service office with any concerns from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

As a City of Garland utility customer you initiate your utility bill payment and may select from a number of City-approved payment options. For a list of these approved payment options, visit
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